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Capsule Pharma Pte Ltd

Marketing - We offer marketing 'depth' for product lines we chose to represent. Hence, for that reason, we are selective in choosing our business partners. Unlike other distributors whom may 'grab' any business that 'falls on their plate', our selection process ensures that your product representation will not be shortchanged.

Distribution - We offer a good coverage for the medical practitioners and hospital sectors in Singapore & Malaysia. We work with importers whom are not keen to handle the logistics portion of their business.

Company Ethos:

Capsule Pharma is build upon the following guiding principals:

  • Quality

    Products we deal with must be of good quality. Quality in product as well as quality in manufacturing process. We do not deal with "fly-by-night" products.
  • Sincerity

    We serve with sincerity our clients and suppliers, who deserve it. Respectful clients and suppliers deserved to be treated with sincerity. Business is build on mutual respect, not on a principal of "bullying".
  • Reward

    Reward is something that keeps our business alive. Ourselves and our suppliers earn our reward, through the work that we do. If we feel that we are unfairly taken advantaged of, we would rather not pursue the business.
  • Charity

    We must "give back" the the community that we serve. We have our adopted charity and we donate to our adopted charity every year. This can be verified upon request.

We sincerely hope that, through our work and our partnerships, we can make a humble difference to the community that we serve.

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