Consistency Evaluation Trials or Bioequivalence Trial Supply

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced that generics in China must show bioequivalence to the originator reference product.

In relation to this requirement, Capsule Pharma is able to assist China based drug manufacturer to procure and supply medicine for Drug Consistency Evaluation or Bioequivalance Trials

中国食品药品监督管理局(CFDA)已经宣布,中国仿制药必须显示生物等效性至产地参考产品。 关于这一要求,Capsule Pharma 能够协助中国的药品生产商采购药物一致性评估或生物等效试验药品

We are the specialist in sourcing medicine for CFDA Drug Consistency Equivalence and Evaluation Trial, clinical trial medicine, comparator medicine, un-registered medicine. Wholesaler for pharmaceuticals. We are able to procure from the following markets:

我们是 CFDA药物一致性评估与评估试验,临床试验药物,比较药物,未注册药物的采购专家。 药品批发商 我们可以从以下市场采购:

Please note that we can only sell to LICENSED hospitals, clinics, clinical trial centers, pharmaceuticals manufacturer and pharmaceutical laboratories. We require a copy of your license before we can sell. We CANNOT sell to individuals or unlicensed organzations.

请注意,我们只能销售给许可的医院,诊所,临床试验中心,药品制造商和制药实验室。 我们需要您的许可证的副本才能销售。 我们不能卖给个人或无证机构。

Please contact us at Singapore Tel: +65-6481 2886 or email us for a discussion



Important Disclaimer: Capsule Pharma is not authorised agent for any pharmaceutical brands indicated on this webpage (unless otherwise stated). Any/all trademarks mentioned here are for descriptive purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

We are an independent dealer who sources these GENUINE pharmaceuticals directly from our network of dealers, agents, pharmaceuticals wholesaler and importers. We only deal with licensed pharmaceuticals wholesalers. Similarly, we will only sell after verifying your pharmaceuticals wholesale license with your country authorities. We DO NOT sell to patients.

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